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Flurin von Planta 
attorney at law (lic. iur. HSG)

He studied at the University of St.Gallen (lic. iur at HSG 1980-1985). After his studies he worked for two years as legal intern in a major commercial law firm in Zürich. He obtained his bar admission in October 1988. In December of the same year he founded with his spouse – attorney Dominique von Planta-Sting – the law firm Planta & Planta AG with offices in Lausanne and Zürich.

Peter Dubs 

After a thorough education in business administration and working in different field of commerce, industry and banking he worked in a consulting firm for industrial associations. Since 2013 he is the bookkeeper of our firm.

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Prevention outweighs litigation

Even the simplest strategy relies on foresight. Nobody knows what the future holds, but preparing for eventualities is a major key to stay out of trouble.

Legal advice

Finding out beforehand if actions or projects are conflicting with laws and regulations and choosing the right strategy.


Identifying loop holes, small print or legal conflicts. Setting up successful contracts.

Conflict negotiation

Negotiating agreements before it turns into costly litigations.


A clear set succession plan will help to prevent endless family feuds and administrative complications.

Why should you fight if we can do this on your behalf?

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In case of litigations and legal arguments we will fight for you with dedication and professionalism. If you have a legal problem talk to us, we may know how to solve it or find the optimal solution for you.


To elaborate an agreement or an arrangement with the opposite party or authorities.


To express a coherent set of reasons presenting or supporting your points of view in order to convince the court.


to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime or other misconduct or to confirm their innocence 

We can help to keep your numbers straight


As an extra service to our clients we also offer the possibility to manage your accountancy and saving you the trouble and time to do your tax returns.

Tax returns

A professional accountant can save you time and money. He knows best what can be deducted and how to present the numbers in your favour.


A clean book keeping is the elementary road map of any successful enterprise time, allowing you to know your situation before bad surprises occur and to earn the trust of your investors and clients.

Management consulting

We help businesses increase their performance through the analysis of existing problems and the development of improvement plans.